Oil Colours

Group_OilColoursOil paint has been a traditional medium for hundreds of years and still remains very popular today. We offer oil paint for both artists’ and students along with an extensive range of mediums.

Artist Quality
• Art Spectrum Artists’ Oil Colours – 40mL, 150mL, 500mL*
• Langridge Artist Oil Colours – 40mL, 110mL*
• Gamblin Artists’ Oil Colours – 37mL, 150mL^
• Michael Harding Artists’ Oil Colours – 40mL, 150mL^
• Talens Rembrandt Artists’ Oil Colours [Hampton East Store Only] – 40mL, 150mL^
• Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Colours – 37mL, 200mL^
• Winsor & Newton Artisan – 37mL, 200mL^
• Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd [Hampton East Store Only] – 37mL, 200mL^

Student Quality
• Daler- Rowney Georgian [Hampton East Store Only] – 38mL
• Winsor & Newton Winton – 37mL, 200mL

*Limited Colour Range
^ White Only

Oil Mediums & Solvents
Oil Varnishes